How to fill out the application form #TakeHeart: Rechercheförderung

Project titel

Please give your project a title. You can label your title with (AT) if it is a working title. You can change it after the approval of funding by communicating it to the Fonds


Authorized representative artistically responsible for the project

Please enter your name and select a greeting.


If there is a need for accessibility, you can specify in these fields which communication methods and channels you prefer.

Likewise, it is possible to request specific file formats if this is necessary for you.

In order to enable the greatest possible accessibility to the current #TakeHeart funding programs and to address individual needs, the AGENTUR FÜR FAST ALLES supports the Fund in the implementation of this consultation service.

Please use the following contact for this purpose:



phone: 0421 69680430 (Mo.-Fr. 10.00 – 15.00 Uhr)

Mail Adress / Contact

Please enter your address here.

Please note that this address will be used by the Fund to send your contract, for example. Therefore, please check the address again carefully before sending the application.

Important: The street and house number are entered in one field!

The entered e-mail address will be used, among other things, to send you a possible funding confirmation. This is why you must confirm the e-mail address with a code. Enter your e-mai address and then click on "Bestätigungscode per E-Mail anfordern" (Request confirmation code by e-mail). Make sure that you have entered your correct e-mail address. Shortly you will receive the confirmation code to the given e-mail address. Enter it in the field.

Important: The code is first tested when the application is submitted. When entering the code, you do not have to click any additional button.

Information about the actor and remarkable productions of the last three years

This field is used to give a quick overview of you, your artistic work and your most important productions of the last 3 years. Therefore, only 1000 characters are available.

Please focus here on the most important information that gives a good impression of you.

For a more detailed presentation of yourself and your previous artistic work, please use the 2-page PDF document to be attached further down in the application form.

Description of your project

This field is used to provide a brief insight into your project. Thus, the first sentence should be a precise description and summary of your project.

This text is a particularly important field for a quick reminder not only in jury meetings, but also in the course of funding for the Fund's employees. Therefore, be precise in the description of your project and use the detailed project description (up to 2 pages), which is to be attached further down in the application form, for further information and influences of your project.

Short description of your project intended for publication

The Fund publishes all funded projects on


Please enter a text here that announces your project. The Fonds will use this text for its website as well as premiere announcements, among others.

The Fonds publishes all supported projects at

Research period

Please enter here the three consecutive months in which you want to implement your research project (e.g. February, March, April 2022). Make sure that these three months fall within the project period of the respective application deadline (Projektzeitraum).

Depending on the application volume, it can take up to 2.5 months after the application deadline before you receive a decision from the Fund. Please take this period into account when planning your start date.

Funded Production(s) / Guest Performance(s) from the last years

Decide here if you will be providing evidence of either publicly funded productions or national or international guest performance activity in the last 3 years.

Then enter up to three productions or guest performance activities, but at least one, for which you will provide evidence of your participation under "Notwendige Materialien" (Required Materials).

Please be sure to use the suggested scheme for entry.

Example of funded production:

2019 / sample project title / Kampnagel Hamburg / Hamburg / Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg

2020 / sample project title / Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf, NRW / Fonds Darstellende Künste / 2020/TA1/1234

Example of guest performance:

2020 / sample project title / Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf, NRW, Kampnagel, Hamburg

Cost and Financing Plan

You cannot enter any information here. In the case of research funding, only the salary of the grantee is funded, with a fixed amount of 7,500 € for 3 months.

Necessary Documents

Detailed presentation of the person and the previous artistic activity

Introduce yourself and your artistic work in detail in this document in PDF format. Please note that not all members of the jury may be familiar with your artistic work. So please give a good insight into your artistic work and thematic focus of your work; please do not use the form of a cv, but rather formulate texts.


1) If your document includes images, then your exported PDF can be quite large. However, you cannot upload files larger than 5MB. Please check this carefully before uploading!

2) Please take the 2 page limit seriously. Longer files might be sent to the jury in a shortened version!

Project description

Please present your research project in detail here. Here you can also point out certain focal points, special features, etc. and go into more detail.


1) If your document includes images, then your exported PDF can be quite large. However, you cannot upload files larger than 5MB. Please check this carefully before uploading!

2) Please take the 2 page limit seriously. Longer files might be sent to the jury in a shortened version!

KSK certification/revenue listing

Here you must provide proof of your professional artistic activity. This is possible in two ways:

Option 1: KSK membership

If you are a member of KSK, upload the KSK membership certification for 2022 as a PDF.

(see the example on the right –>)

Important: Please make sure that the PDF is no larger than 5MB

Option 2: listing revenue from artistic activity in the independent performing arts

You provide evidence of your professional artistic activity in the independent performing arts on the basis of the following list in a PDF:

– a list with revenue from artistic work in the independent performing arts from the years 2019-2022

– 2-3 invoices or fee contracts as examples

– the bank statements that correspond to the invoices/fee contracts mentioned above that prove the receipt of funds to your account

Important: A proof of salary from an employment contract with a German Municipal Theater cannot be used as certification for work in the independent performing arts.

Evidence of public funding/ stated interstate or international guest performance(s).

Please provide evidence of at least one of the publicly funded productions or international guest performances listed above. Again, please submit in PDF format.

Option 1: Productions supported with public funds

If you have selected the proof of public funding above, attach the corresponding proof in PDF format here. This can be, for example, the funding commitment of a funding institution. You do not have to be the funding recipient. It may be useful to refer to a website in the "Internet links for self-description" that makes your involvement in the proven production visible if you are not the grant recipient.

It is also possible, for example, to scan a program booklet on which the funding credits (logos of the funding institutions) are visible and you are mentioned by name, so that it is clear that you were artistically involved in the production.

Option 2: Interstate or international guest performance activity

For this proof, please upload at least one guest performance contract or guest performance invoice including a bank statement proving the payment. This proof must document one of the guest performances listed above. Interstate here means that the proven guest performance took place outside the state of your residence and place of work (example: you live in Leipzig, but prove a guest performance in Erfurt).

Internet linksfor self-presentation

Use these fields to submit up to three URLs of (visual) impressions of past works such as trailers, recordings or audio data.

The fields “Nutzerkonto” (user account) and “password” are available, in case you would like to share non-public videos on Vimeo or YouTube, for example. In this case, give the necessary information so that the jury can gain access. As a rule, a password suffices. On some platforms, you also have to enter a username. If the video is publicly accessible, then you can leave these fields blank.


Except for the first statement, all boxes must be confirmed.

  1. Please take the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter so that you will continue to receive timely information about new funding programs.
  2. This consent is necessary in order to pass on your data to the jury and also to be able to use it in the funding process.
  3. You hereby confirm the accuracy of the information provided, as well as that you have read and acknowledged the regulations of the funding program.
  4. You hereby confirm that you have complied with the lower fee limits specified in the regulations. The lower fee limit is generally observed due to the fixed monthly payment of the granted amount of 2,500 € and the applicable VAT exemption.

Date and Signature

Please enter the date that you submit the application into the date field.

In the field " Unterschriften“ (Signatures), please type your name. Uploading a digital signature is neither possible nor necessary.

Submitting / Save the Draft


The button "Abschicken" (Submit) sends the application to the Fonds Darstellende Künste. If you click this button by mistake, another page will follow asking if you really want to send the application. If you confirm this, you can download a PDF of your application. This PDF will serve as confirmation of receipt. An e-mail confirmation will not be sent! You can download this PDF in the login area on the homepage of the Fonds later as well.

You can also click the "Abschicken" (Submit) button while filling out the application form. The database will then show you which mandatory fields have not yet been filled in by you or whether there are any errors, e.g. In the calculation of the financing in the application form (see example image on the right).

Save as draft

You can interrupt the processing of your application at any time. Please then click the button “Als Entwurf speichern” (Save as draft) so that your work status is saved for later continuation.