Residenzförderung (English)

With its new funding program #TakeHeart, the Fonds Darstellende Künste is continuing its support measures with funds from NEUSTART KULTUR – the rescue and future-oriented package for the fields of culture and media financed by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM). The goal of this new program is to ease the impact of COVID-19 in the cultural sector, to facilitate the restart of cultural life in Germany and to offer planning security and new pioneering perspectives for the development of the independent performing arts.

The Residenzförderung connects with the Fonds’ previous scholarship-like grant programs and is directed towards independently working individual artists and collectives as well as persons who are active in the independent performing arts as curators. In addition, graduates from state and state-certified art schools and art history university programs in the performing arts whose graduation took place after 01.01.2019 are also eligible to apply.

The goal of the Residenzförderung is to stabilize, further develop and strengthen the important connections between artists and groups and dance and theater houses in a sustainable way.

In addition, graduates of art and cultural studies university programs are eligible to apply as the beginning of their careers have been made difficult by the pandemic, since they are particularly dependent on the establishment of the connections to performing arts’ production houses and qualified support at the onset of their artistic career in the independent performing arts.

The Residenzförderung thus focuses on all of these connections by supporting artistic work without any determined outcome at approximately 40 production sites throughout the entire federal republic, grouped together in three federal networks.

#TakeAStand @ Residency Grant

The Fonds Darstellende Künste is reacting, together with the Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser, the Netzwerk Freier Theater and flausen+bundesnetzwerk, to the refugee movements caused by the war in Ukraine. Thus, the residency grant program has been extended to artists fleeing from Ukraine. The two-month residencies for artistic research will be realized at the production venues of the three federal theater networks and are intended to explore a subject matter without planning a pre-determined outcome.

The artists and stakeholders from theaters, festivals and performing arts scenes, arriving in the Federal Republic of Germany from Eastern Europe, will thus be financially stabilized in the short term and receive support from the participating German production venues. From housing to communicating with the authorities up to expert advice for the important artistic and art-related activities of the international residents, the residency aims to provide support the individuals seeking asylum in their arrival as well as their transition to working and living in Germany.

One of the Fonds’ objectives is to take a stand for the presence and contribution of and within Eastern European art scenes. The possibility that these artists may become cut off from one another and from the rest of Europe would be a significant loss in the diverse landscape of art and culture in Europe. The Fonds would like to decisively work to prevent this.

Supported are projects without any determined outcome such as research, laboratories and concepts, also in the digital realm and performing arts, as well as all activities that serve to further develop artistic work that also takes place in a residency at or in connection with one of the residency sites listed on the Fonds‘ website.

Applicants must prove to have been professionally active in artistic or curatorial positions in publicly supported projects of the independent performing arts in the last three years. Alternatively, they can demonstrate being involved in guest performances or productions in multiple federal states or internationally with their self-determined artistic creations.

In addition, graduates from state and state-certified art schools and art history university programs in the performing arts whose graduation took place after 01.01.2019 are also eligible to apply.

In the context of the #TakeAStand Initiative, refugees or fleeing artists from Ukraine are entitled to apply.

Applicants must also include a residency certificate from one of the dance and theater houses listed in the regulations (regulations #TakeAStand).

Persons who are receiving research grants (Rechercheförderung) in the #TakeHeart framework are not eligible to apply.

The Residenzförderung is awarded to individuals at a level of 5,000 € for personnel expenses for a residency period of two consecutive months. Long ongoing collaborations, among them collectives and groups who have been active for many years, can pool individual applications for a maximum of 5 x 5,000 € fee costs.

Residency grant allocation will take place in a number of application rounds.

Submitting an application to the Fonds Darstellende Künste is only possible online:

The deadlines for the additional application rounds are 01.10.2021, 01.12.2021 and 01.02.2022 as well as 01.06.2022 (for applicants for a residency at a Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser member).

Applications in the context of the Fonds’ #TakeAStand Initiative can be submitted at any time during the calendar year 2022.

The possible project period for approved projects begins with a positive grant announcement and ends for projects with an application deadline of

31.10.2022 (for residencies under the umbrella of the Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser)

31.08.2022 (for residencies under the umbrella of the flausen+bundesnetzwerk)

31.08.2022 (for residencies under the umbrella of the Netzwerk Freier Theater)

31.12.2022 for applications that are submitted in the context of the #TakeAStand Initiative.

Complete source and disposition statements must be submitted no later than two months after the end of the respective project, or at the latest at the end of the respective possible project timeframe listed above.

For additional information, please read the regulations (regulations #TakeAStand) before applying or requesting a a consultation per telephone with the main office of the Fonds Darstellende Künste. The FAQs (German language) offer further help, as do the respective responsible participating dance and theater house.

 The jury is formed by board members.