Wiederaufnahmeförderung (English)

With its new funding program #TakeHeart, the Fonds Darstellende Künste is continuing its support measures with funds of NEUSTART KULTUR – the rescue and future-oriented package for the cultural and media fields financed by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM). The goal of this new program  is to ease the  impact of COVID-19 in the cultural sphere, to facilitate the restart of cultural life in Germany and to offer planning security and new pioneering perspectives for the development of the independent performing arts.
The Wiederaufnahmeförderung serves to support revivals as well as artistic or formal reworkings of existing successful or potentially successful productions from the independent performing arts that have already had a premiere or public presentation, also in digital form.

The Wiederaufnahmeförderung also offers the possibilityof follow-up funding for production periods that have been successfully completed with a visually documented result (#TakeAction). It thus assists in enabling final (also digital) phases of realization of productions under pandemic conditions which had only been brought to a performance in a reduced form. The objective is to contribute to the short-term dissolution of the jam of premieres in the independent performing arts. In additionthe goal is also to increase support for sustainable production in the independent performing arts.

Revivals, artistic or formal reworkings of productions from the independent performing arts that are performed in accordance with pandemic measures that have already had a premiere or public presentation, also in a digital form. This particularly applies to performance situations at locations that are distant from theatres, in a public or digital space, in contexts of social, urban and rural spaces.

Professional artists, artist groups, ensembles, collectives and projects from all categories and genres of the independent performing arts with their headquarters and work focus in Germany who have been producing successfully for many years.

10.000 € – 25.000 €

Co-financing or own funds and/or material own participation at a level of at least 10% of the application sum must be presented or proven upon submitting the application.

Submitting an application to the Fonds Darstellende Künste is only possible online and will be until 15.10.2021, as well as during a second application round until 01.03.2022.

The possible project period for approved projects begins with a positive grant announcement and ends for projects with an application deadline of 31.12.2022. Complete source and disposition statements must be submitted no later than two months after the end of the respective project.

For additional information, please read the regulations before applying or requesting a telephone counseling session from the head office of the Fonds Darstellende Künste. The FAQs (German language) offer further help. During the application period, numerous informational zoom calls about the program will be offered.