Former members of the board of trustees

The members of the Fonds’ board of trustees generally support the Fonds for a term of three years. For this reason, members of the board of trustees step down each year and new ones are nominated for appointment by the member associations. This page features former members of this board of trustees who have assisted the Fonds in selecting grants to be awarded since 2016.

Dr. Ipek Abali

Heike Albrecht

Sophie Becker

Tristan Berger

Bodo Birk

Christine Bossert

Simone Dede Ayivi

Sabine Gehm

Matthias Grön

René Haßfurther

Martin Heering

Nina Hümpel

Dr. Manfred Jahnke

Ute Kahmann

Dr. Joy Kristin Kalu

Inken Kautter

Tom Mustroph

Andreas Poppe

Gregor Runge

Dietmar Sachser

Prof. Dr. Martin Jörg Schäfer

Marianne Schirge

Carena Schlewitt

Matthias Schulze-Kraft

Felizitas Stilleke

Dr. Frauke Surmann

Tamina Julia Theiß