Video still on the animated event trailer. Detail of the Altmarktpassage in Dresden. In front of it, colorful silhouettes of people riding bicycles. In dark letters "Dresden 28.08." and logos of HELLERAU, Sociataetstheater, Zentralwerk and Zirkus Theater Festival. © Roman Hagenbrock

28. August 2024 | HELLERAU, Societaetstheater, Zentralwerk e.V., Zirkustheater Festival

Under the motto COME TOGETHER, the finale will join forces with the Europäisches Zentrum der Künste HELLERAU, the circus theater festival of the Societaetstheater and Zentralwerk e.V. to invite everyone to a big celebration of art on Dresden‘s Altmarkt. Between a choir activating the public space with Tanja Krone and the bicycle acrobats of the French company La Bande à Tyrex, we celebrate community and cohesion (of Die Vielen/the many) in the run-up to the upcoming elections.


Information on the program will follow soon.

Further information, registration and accessibility

Information on registration and accessibility will follow soon.