Members of the board of trustees

The board of trustees is the third constituent body of the Fonds Darstellende Künste, alongside the general assembly and the board of directors. It is composed of representatives of cultural institutions, production houses, festivals, associations and artists – elected by the general assembly – and, usually four times a year, from the applications submitted nationally, selects significant and noteworthy projects, individual projects and project concepts that are funded by the Federal Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and the Media (BKM).

The board of trustees consists of 23 experts. It is composed of 20 voting members of the board of trustees, as well as one representative each of the BKM, the board and management.

The voting members are proposed by the member associations and elected for three years by the general meeting. They make the decisions in the meetings of the board of trustees.

To make decisions on the multitude of #TakeThat or #TakeHeart funding programs, the Fonds Darstellende Künste and the Fonds’ board of trustees were supported by additional jurors who were appointed to the respective juries based on their expertise. Thanks to their cooperation, it was possible to make the extensive grants in a timely manner.

Members of the board of trustees

Further jury members #TakeHeart

Further jury members GLOBAL VILLAGE KIDS

Further jury members GLOBAL VILLAGE PROJECTS

Further jury members Bundesweite Artist Labs

Further jury members #TakeThat

A listing of the #TakeThat jury members can be found here.

Board and management of the Fonds (advisory)

Grantor / BKM (advisory)

Isa Kathrin Edelhoff

Representative of the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media; Department K27 / Theater, Dance, Performance | Berlin