2017 George Tabori Prize

Around 15 people stand in a row, with flowers in their hands, and look into the audience, laughing. In the background, the words Tabori Prize 2017 can be read on a screen. © Florian Krauß

Tabori Prize 2017 | Award Winners, Jurors and Program Participants of the Award Ceremony

On May 24, 2017, the George Tabori Prize was awarded for the 8th time by the Fonds Darstellende Künste for ensembles and artists from the independent theater scene. The six nominated groups were selected from more than 300 groups supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste over the past five years. In awarding the main prize and the incentive prize, the Fonds once again honored two artistic expressions of particular brilliance.

The Award Winners

The main prize of €20,000 was awarded to the media and performance group LIGNA, which, according to the jury's statement, "further develops the format of the solo audio walk into ensemble art, transforming places in the city or the theater into spaces of collaboration." [...] "LIGNA analyzes [...] the mechanics and dynamics of group and mass movements, asks about control and self-empowerment, about who or what moves, controls, manipulates groups, what they in turn can move, cause, elementally destroy or, in the most positive way, make it possible to experience at all."

The laudatory speech was given by Katja Aßmann, director of the ZKR | Zentrum für Kunst und Öffentlichen Raum in Berlin.

The jury also honored the Hildesheim theater collective Markus&Markus with the €10,000 incentive award, stating: "The four stand out with their work through a radical overwriting of fiction and reality. With all their ‘trashiness’ and staged imperfection, they strike at the dark heart of reality. In their productions disguised as investigations, they give themselves and their audiences access to aggressively marginalized issues of the highest social relevance."

The laudatory speech was given by Franziska Werner, Artistic Director of the Sophiensæle Berlin.

The Award Ceremony

The welcoming speech by Claudia Roth, Vice President of the German Bundestag, paid tribute to the stimulating work of independent theater, which has had a formative influence on the German theater landscape in recent years. The keynote speech by the author and performer Alexander Karschnia (andcompany&Co.) about "art in resistance as well as resistance against art" rounded off the event.

The musical framework of the evening was provided by Kai Schumacher, whose piano interpretations, together with singer Nadine Finsterbusch, among others, open up new sound spaces. Artistically, the evening was further enriched by the contribution "Favelas aus Gold" by the group copy & waste and by Laura Landergott on guitar.

2017 Award Jury