Nationwide Forums for Art, Freedom and Democracy

Grafic: In the background rays with color gradient, on it the text: The art of staying many. Nationwide forums on art, freedom and democracy. Berlin, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Berlin, Potsdam, Erfurt, Weimar, Dresden.

The Fonds Darstellende Künste realizes nationwide forums at nine stations – with art, actions and debates. From Berlin, the journey leads to Leipzig and further on to Düsseldorf, Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Potsdam, Erfurt and Weimar on to Dresden. The mobile theater truck stops everywhere and becomes a platform, discourse space, movie theater and venue. In the process, it combines theater, festivals and independent performing arts production houses in these and numerous other cities in and outside of Germany. Panels, impulses, workshops, international performances and assorted meetings are an invitation to debate about art, freedom and democracy to explore current challenges, live with contradictions and confront oneself in a polyphonic exchange with the most urgent current task: the art of staying many. Everyone for themselves – and all together in heterogeneity, pluralism and acceptancy of our diverse society.

Watch the whole Clip with German Audiodescription.

Stops on the tour

  • Video still on the animated event trailer. The HAU Hebbel am Ufer building, in front of it colorful silhouettes of people and in dark letters "Berlin 24.+25.05." and the HAU logo. © Roman Hagenbrock


    24. and 25. May 2024

    HAU Hebbel am Ufer

  • Video still on the animated event trailer. Façade of the Leipzig cotton mill and LOFFT - DAS THEATER. In front of it a green lawn, a blue silhouette of a person with a megaphone and in dark letters "Leipzig 01.+02.06." as well as logos of LOFFT - DAS THEATER and Schauspiel Leipzig Residenz. © Roman Hagenbrock


    01. and 02. June 2024

    LOFFT -DAS THEATER, Residenz (Schauspiel Leipzig)

  • Video still on the animated event trailer. Façade of the FFT Düsseldorf with yellow windows, colorful windmill on the roof, colorful rays rising into the sky, dark silhouettes of people in front of it. In dark letters "Düsseldorf 07.+08.06." and logos of Impulse Theater Festival and FFT Düsseldorf. © Roman Hagenbrock


    07. and 08. June 2024

    FFT, Impulse Theaterfestival

  • Video still on the animated event trailer. Detail of green park with two colorful billboards. In dark lettering "Bitterfeld-Wolfen 14.06." and the OSTEN Festival logo. © Roman Hagenbrock


    14. June 2024

    OSTEN Festival

  • Video still on the animated event trailer. The Chameleon Theater and Sophiensaele buildings stand side by side. A golden flag flies on the roof and golden hearts fly through the scene. In dark letters "Berlin 21.+22.06." and the logos of Chamäleon Theater and Sophiensaele. © Roman Hagenbrock


    21. and 22. June 2024

    Sophiensæle, Chamäleon

  • Video still on the animated event trailer. Facade of the Hans Otto Theater with red roof, in front of it the fabrik Potsdam and many colorful chairs. In dark letters "Potsdam 29.+30.06." and logos of Hans Otto Theater and fabrik Potsdam. © Roman Hagenbrock


    29. and 30. June 2024

    Hans Otto Theater, fabrik Potsdam

  • Video still on the animated event trailer. Facade of a prefabricated housing estate, in front of it colorful silhouettes of people and two flying globes. In dark lettering "Erfurt 16.+17.06." and the logo of the Phoenix Theater Festival. © Roman Hagenbrock


    16. and 17. August 2024

    Plattenstufen-Festspiele presented by PHOENIX Theaterfestival

  • Video still on the animated event trailer. Facade of the German National Theater Weimar. The statues of Goethe and Schiller in front of it hold a red heart in their hands. Next to them are colorful silhouettes of people. In dark lettering "Weimar 24.+25.08." and the logo of the Kunstfest Weimar. © Roman Hagenbrock


    24. and 25. August 2024

    Kunstfest Weimar

  • Video still on the animated event trailer. Detail of the Altmarktpassage in Dresden. In front of it, colorful silhouettes of people riding bicycles. In dark letters "Dresden 28.08." and logos of HELLERAU, Sociataetstheater, Zentralwerk and Zirkus Theater Festival. © Roman Hagenbrock


    28. August 2024

    HELLERAU, Societaetstheater, Zentralwerk e.V.


  • …is an art of attention, sensitivity, empathy, resilience, resistance, contention and the defense of freedom.
  • … is the safeguarding of a society in which everyone can be different without fear.
  • …is an exercise in difference.  
  • … is not a matter of course, but hard work and the work of many.
  • … is dedicated to all those who work every day to defend the right to live and love in diversity.
  • … is a living practice against isolation, against simplification, against standardization, against appropriation, against loss calculation.
  • … is necessary in the face of a growing right-wing fringe and its attack on the heart of society. On our hearts.
  • Respekt-Charta

    Wir setzen uns für ein Miteinander voller Achtung und Solidarität ein. Diskriminierung und Belästigung haben hier keinen Platz. Jede*r Besucher*in trägt zur Wahrung einer Atmosphäre bei, in der Vielfalt und Respekt gelebt werden.

    Unser Grundsatz: Keine abwertende Sprache, kein Hass, keine Gewalt. Wir stehen für ein harmonisches Zusammenleben.

    Bei Nichteinhaltung dieses Kodex kann das Awareness-Team eingreifen. Das Betreten der jeweiligen Veranstaltungsorte bedeutet die Anerkennung dieser Regeln.

    Danke für Ihr Verständnis und einen inspirierenden Aufenthalt bei „Die Kunst, Viele zu bleiben. Bundesweite Foren für Kunst, Freiheit und Demokratie“.


Overall curation: Felizitas Stilleke

Co-curator: Franziska Werner

Dramaturgy: Fabian Lettow

Overall curation assistant: Kate Fenderl

Scenography: Philine Rinnert

Cooperation scenography: Lotte Dohmen

Technical director &

lighting design: Anahí Pérez

Technical assistant: Rio Theis

Communication: Sarah Rosenau

Production manager: krass&krasser (Franziska Bald, Ann-Kristin Meivers, Lara Yilmaz)

Project directors Fonds: Björn Frers, Steffen Klewar

Project coordination Fonds:Anna Kondring

Communication Fonds: Anne John, Carolin Meyer

Graphic design: Uta Oettel

Videodesign: Roman Hagenbrock

Translation: Christopher Langer

Woodwork: Hannes Heinrich

Props: Simone Schulz

Textile work: Ola Korbańska, Cian McConn

The Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. has signed the Declaration of Die Vielen and supports the current campaign for an open, diverse society in democracy and against right-wing extremism!

„THE ART OF STAYING MANY. Nationwide Forums for Art, Freedom and Democracy” is a series of events of the Fonds Darstellende Künste in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, Chamäleon Berlin, fabrik Potsdam, FFT Düsseldorf, Hans Otto Theater Potsdam, HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden, HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Impulse Theater Festival, Kunstfest Weimar 2024, LOFFT – DAS THEATER Leipzig, OSTEN Festival Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Plattenstufen-Festspiele presented by PHOENIX Theaterfestival Erfurt, Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig, Societaetstheater Dresden, Sophiensӕle Berlin, Zentralwerk e.V. Dresden, Zirkustheater Festival Dresden. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the context of NEUSTART KULTUR.