• Quick tip 01: Overview of the Where-Used List form

    After the completion of the funded project is before the where-used list. In this clip, we provide an overview of the form for submitting your where-used list and explain what needs to be considered.

  • Quick tip 02: Transferring the last approved cost and financing plan

    The most recently updated and approved cost and financing plan serves as the basis for the numerical proof. In this clip, we explain how to fill it out correctly.

  • Quick tip 03: Receipt lists

    In this clip, we explain how to correctly enter your receipts in the receipts list and list non-cash internal services.

  • Quick tip 04: Explanations of deviations

    How are deviations from the cost and financing plan listed in the where-used list? This question is answered in our quick tip number 04.

  • Quick tip 05: Automatic check

    When you have made all the entries, your data will be checked automatically. This quick tip shows you how to do this and which error messages may appear.

  • Quick tip 06: Submitting the where-used list

    You have entered all the information and the check has not revealed any errors? Then you can submit your where-used list. This quick tip explains how.

  • Quick tip 07: Proportionate assumption of costs

    In another clip, we explain how to show the proportionate costs covered by the Fonds in the cost and financing plan, and how to divide up the amounts so that their target and actual calculations are balanced.

  • Source and disposition statement #TakeAction, #TakeNote, #TakePart, #TakePlace

    This tutorial describes the completion of a source and disposition statement explicitly for the programs #TakeAction, #TakeNote, #TakePart and #TakePlace. For an improved navigation, please use the chapters in the timeline of the player.

    All of the documents described in the tutorial can be found on the Forms tab.

Videos: Roman Hagenbrock | www.romanhagenbrock.de