2021 Tabori Prize

In the image montage, six laptops can be seen on different tables. Portrait photos of the winners of this year's Tabori Prize are displayed on the screens.

On May 21, 2021, the Fonds Darstellende Künste presented the Tabori Prize and the Tabori Awards for the 12th time in an online award ceremony followed by a digital aftershow party. The evening was hosted by the theater collective Gob Squad, the previous year’s prize winners.

The Award Winners

Choreographer Constanza Macras and her interdisciplinary ensemble Dorky Park received the €20,000 2021 Tabori Prize in recognition of "the artistic continuity of this long-standing company [and] the unique, unmistakable signature of its interdisciplinary, pioneering practice, which sets aesthetic standards at an international level".

The two Tabori Awards went to performance group Flinn Works and choreographer Ligia Lewis. The jury's statement said that Flinn Works' "unique signature of documentary research theater [...] draws attention to abuses both nationally and internationally". Ligia Lewis was honored by the award jury with the second Tabori Award as an "emerging artist who has developed a new form of poetic choreography and performance through her particular aesthetics". The awards were each endowed with €10,000.

The Award Ceremony

The theater collective Gob Squad – Tabori Award winners in 2020 – moderated a special and particularly mobile award ceremony: in line with the pandemic regulations, they visited the award-winning artists at their places of work in order to present the awards. The event was opened by the managing director of the Fonds Darstellende Künste, Holger Bergmann. This was followed by speeches by the chairman of the board, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider, and the politician Sabine Bangert (the Greens). A number of interludes gave an insight into the diversity of the work of the award-winning artists. The program was rounded off by the read-out of the jury statements by the jurors Carena Schlewitt (HELLERAU – Zentrum für die Europäischen Künste), Franziska Werner (Sophiensӕle), and Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Wagner (City of Nuremberg) as well as the digital after show party in the virtually recreated theater HAU Hebbel am Ufer.

Digital aftershow party

Due to the digital awarding of the Tabori Prize, there was also a digital aftershow party this year. Using avatars, guests were able to meet each other in a special version of HAU1 and celebrate the award winners together.

Around the graphics of the virtual event space of the after-show party, zoom tiles show the faces of various guests. © Benjamin Krieg

Aftershowparty in Zeiten von Corona

2021 Award Jury