Die Stadt als leere Kulisse

Franziska Rattay & Saxony-Anhalt State Association of Independent Theaters

Vacancy provides space for something new.

This lab investigated the interaction of dying inner cities with the change in urban theater audiences after the Corona pandemic. It focused on the challenges that performing artists will face in the revitalization processes of inner cities in the future. The project facilitated an interdisciplinary exchange between artists and the development of innovative strategies for the use of vacant urban spaces.

The discussion was about how theater, as a place of social negotiation, can still do justice to its task at a time when the centers of small to medium-sized cities are dying out and theater audiences are not fully returning after the Corona pandemic.

Who needs to work with whom to succeed in this task? What issues and challenges do the performing arts face in dealing with social and economic changes? Can insights from the performing arts be transferred to urban development issues – and vice versa? In exchange with the city population of Halle, possibilities were sought to create participation in culture, promote social experiences in the city, and find new audiences.

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Lena Biresch, Nicole Dietz, Francisco Föse, Maria Gebhardt, Annegret Hahn, Sebastian Hennig, Erik Hölperl, Lorenz Kuschnig, Moritz Lange, Michael Morche, Nico Parisius, Franziska Rattay, Rene Rebenstorf, Ina Roß, Ivana Sajevic, Maxie Schneider, Karoline Stegemann & Lena Wimmer