Gib Mir Ein Kleines Bisschen Sicherheit (GM1KB5)

Vierte Welt

The border is a line that birds can not see.

Zum Video mit Audiodeskription

What is theater? While we enter, the theater imposes its rules on us. We become spectators, artists, technicians, prompters ... sometimes we don’t know who we (have) become. "Gib Mir Ein Kleines Bischen Sicherheit (Give me a little bit of Security – GM1KB5)" explores this moment of indeterminacy. Is it, for example, still theater if we do not know what we are invited to – when the invitation itself would have to be negotiated communally and after arrival?

In "GM1KB5" the artists claim the theater space for their selves: society demands efficiency, notwithstanding their possible incapacities. This way it unsettles, destabilizes, make them precarious. "GM1KB5" explores their needs beyond efficiency. What ought to be translated, and what translates itself between them? How can they increase their proximity to one another?

"GM1KB5" juxtaposes social precariousness with an invitation to the indeterminacy of the theater space. Here, they seek another kind of security: security not from each other, but with each other. They tailor efficiency to individual needs and weave it into a web of sociality. They suspend representation. Likewise, they replace the demand for efficiency with performative acts between us. They play.


Iana Boitcova, Dirk Cieslak, Marijana Cvetković, Annett Hardegen, György Jellinek, Luce deLire, Julia*n Meding, Sebastian Moske, Martina Neu, Tina Pfurr, Valentina Primavera, Felizitas Stilleke, Lisa Siomicheva, Tina Turnheim & Kathy-Ann Tan