Kreative Allianzen schmieden: Marginalisierte Widerstandsfähigkeit außerhalb der Bubble


Think like Berghain, act like Theatre.
No desire for "high culture Kathrins"!

Each collective organised, led and ran its own session. In each session, discourse, practice and eating together were linked. Central to each session were the perspectives of the session leader, presented in the intimate settings. The questions that guided were the following: How do we create a quality of audience rather than a quantity? The same goes for the institutions that work with: How about a "CODE OF CONDUCT" for the "high culture Kathrins"? How about a strict door policy instead of a subscription policy?

The lab participants have gathered relevant experience: whether in the clash with the educated bourgeoisie, with racist school classes or with concrete heads within their own communities. How should agreements between the institution, the artists and the audience look like in order to enable mutual respect in the future? The labs with the multi-perspective discussions sensitise us to acknowledge the realities that marginalised artists often face in their working environment in order to improve them. And how they can share this knowledge with other artists, institutions and most importantly, audiences.


Organization: Anas Aboura (Lab Director), Nadine Jessen (Artistic Advisor), Raphaela Rößler (Production), Diana Sánchez (Video Documentation), Moaeed Shekhane (Photos, Graphics, Print), Participating artists: Agents of History (Digital App Development / Aesthetic Activism), Nadine Jessen, Sirwan Ali (Workshop Leadership), Darb Attabana (Diasporic Youth Club), Moaeed Shekhane (Workshop Leadership), Diar Group (Diasporic Collective), Hanadi Chawaf (Workshop Leadership), Kan Kiliin Group, Bakary Camara (Workshop Leadership), New media socialism (Migrant media empowerment), Boye Diallo, Judith Rau (Workshop Leadership), SEA KING (Art-Collective), Don Jegosah (Workshop Leadership), Refugee Radio Network (Community Radio), Larry Macaulay (Workshop Leadership), Participants Labs / Invited Experts: Bernd Kroschewski, Henry Peter, Michael Spormann, Riikka Beust & Timothy Ajayi