MicelArtistLab. Lateinamerikanische Darstellende Künstler*innen in Deutschland

Leicy Valenzuela

Migration is a creative and transformative act. We, Latin American artists, are here, and so is our audience.

"MicelArtistLab" combines the words "Micel" (Mycelium), which refers to underground fungal networks preserving biodiversity on the surface, and "ArtistLab," perceived as a space for knowledge creation without hierarchies.

It is a project aimed at understanding the situation and challenges faced by Latin American performing artists living in Germany. They address their visibility, contributions, and their audience within the independent scene.The artists grapple with various questions: What challenges do they face? Are their migrant communities recognized as a cultural audience? How can they build a broader audience from sporadic participation in the German program structure? These are some of the challenges and questions raised in the laboratory discussion. Furthermore, the pandemic has spurred new international, multilingual collaborations and innovative formats.

The laboratory collectively created a public intervention, a podcast, an online survey, and a magazine. "MicelArtistLab" is an initiative that will continue to grow, with a commitment to supporting and promoting creative power in Germany.

More detailed documentation of the lab can be found behind the following keywords, which invite you to browse.


MicelArtistLab team: Alejandra Atalah, Alex Viteri, Florencia Risopatrón, Inti Gallardo, Juan, Rojas, Katha Eitner, Leicy Valenzuela, María José Jaña, Pablo Hassmann, Valeria Germain, Participating artists: Ana Kavalis, Cristina Collao, Gabriel Carneiro, Laura Jiménez, Magda Agudelo, Valeria Oviedo, Víctor Artiga, Guest artists: Laia Ribera, Lorena Valdenegro, Marcela Villanueva, Maque Pereira, Martha Hincapié, Silvia Ospina, Victoria Sepúlveda, Partner organisations: Cordillera Berlin & Sorora e. V.