Peer to Peer Workshops and Experimental Spaces

Tanzkomplizen SÜW & creation doors community

We meet the audience at eye level and involve them in their 'expertise as a human being' through self-determined reception.

The times of an astonished audience adoring the artists are over. Today, artists meet their audience at eye level, include them in their "expertise as a human being" and allow them self-determination in the reception. This requires appropriate tools, methods, and a new culture of values. Tanzkomplizen SÜW & creation doors community have researched and experimented on this: Acquire audience, dialogical and practical mediation formats
 and performative interaction and participation possibilities.

Topics included a. o.:

• target group specific and non-linear addressing of audience
• legend telling
• dialogue management with and between recipients
• moderation techniques

Content explored through application of various collaboration techniques, sharing methods and communication/decision-making tools: from intentional community living, with co-creative team skills, from agile management, and distinctions from Possibility Management.

Concerning performance mediation, they interrogate a. o.:

• influence of feelings on reception/interpretation
• individual co-creation in analog/digital spaces
• exchange of audience experiences
• making performing art virtual tangible/experiential
• moving away from evaluation to persona

More detailed documentation of the lab can be found behind the following keywords, which invite you to browse.


Cedric Bauer (Team, Dancer), Dorothea Eitel (Lab Leader, Creation Doors Choreographer & Tanzkomplizin SÜW), Dr. Juliane Geller (Expert, Speaker-Performer & Possibility Manager), Jonas Kaltenbach (Core Team, Artist Collective "Tuning Collective" & Tanzkomplize SÜW), Oleg Kaufmann (Core Team & Choreographer Production center TamTam, Kriegstetten), Julia Klockow (Team, Choreographer), Andrea Kreisler (Team, Dancer), Luciana Lara (Expert, Compania Antistatusquo, Brazil & Creation doors community), Gabriele Maurer (Team, Musician/Performer & Dance Accomplice SÜW), Giada Peli (Core Team, Dancer & Creation Doors Community), Andrii Punko (Team, Dancer & Creation Doors Community), Bettina Runge (Production Management, kunstbereit e. V.), Dr. Marietta Schürholz (Core Team & Expert, Cultural Worker, Ritual Expert & Possibility Manager), Fabienne Trüssel (Core Team, Actress & Creation Doors Community), Ana Isabel Vieira Carvalho (Core Team, Dancer & Creation Doors Community)