Network Funding

The new funding programs of the Fonds Darstellende Künste, which are being announced in 2023, focus on the fields of research, production and networking and thus enable numerous projects for individual artists, artist groups and structures of all disciplines and genres in the nationwide independent performing arts.

The network funding follows on from the Fonds’ previous funding programs in an updated form and enables cross-state cooperation projects between the diverse structures in the independent performing arts.

The aim of the program is to realize and expand the nationwide exchange in the independent performing arts about socially and artistically relevant occasions and topics, as well as the qualification of knowledge transfer.

What is funded?

Cross-state cooperation projects in the field of knowledge transfer and qualification in the independent performing arts that include at least one discussion event, symposium, conference or other major information event on further education or subject-specific exchange of nationwide relevance.

Artistic productions and guest performances are not eligible.

Who can apply?

Associations, networks, production houses and cross-regional festivals of the independent performing arts that have been active for many years, are organized as a legal entity and cooperate with at least one other institution from the independent performing arts that is also organized as a legal entity and has its headquarters in another federal state.

Cooperation partner: at least one other structure organized as a legal entity with its registered office in another federal state – including a documented intention to cooperate.

Individuals and private companies are not eligible to apply.

How much can be applied for?

€15,000 - €50,000

Approved co-financing from public funds (state and/or municipality) amounting to at least 50% of the application sum must already be verifiable for the project applied for when submitting the application.

Application and funding deadlines

Applications to the Fonds Darstellende Künste can only be submitted online.
Application deadline(s):

The possible project duration for approved projects begins with the positive funding commitment and ends on 31.08.2024. Complete proof of use must be submitted no later than two months after the end of the respective project.

For all further information, please read the regulations before submitting your application, or before calling the office of the Fonds Darstellende Künste for advice. Further assistance can be found in the FAQs. In the course of each application period, there will be several digital information events about the program.


All the important documents are available in the Forms section.


The jury in the network funding program is composed of members of the Fonds’ board of trustees. An overview of the members of the board of trustees can be found here.