07 - 08 June 2024

The Fonds Darstellende Künste is organizing forums at nine locations across Germany - with art, action and debate. The FORUM in Düsseldorf uses art, action and debate to tackle what is probably the most pressing task of our time: to remain many and thus strengthen democracy. The hate campaign against the collective CHICKS* and its performance "LECKEN" following the invitation to the Wildwuchs Festival in Zwickau showed just how threatening right-wing agitation can be. The FORUM presents "LECKEN" and invites you to a solidarity-based exchange of knowledge between West and East German theater festivals with a focus on constitutional law: How do the Basic Law and the rule of law protect the freedom of art and artists from arbitrariness and discrimination? Contributions by Gin Müller on performative forms of resistance and by Arne Vogelgesang on narratives of the New Right on youth and family connect the discourse with artistic-activist practice.


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Location of the event

Impulse Theater Festival, FFT Düsseldorf

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